The United States Navy Memorial Visitor Center tells the story of the American Sailor -- past, present and future -- and honors, recognizes and celebrates the men and women of the Sea Services.  Through engaging and interactive exhibits, multimedia experiences, and over 700,000 stories of service the Visitor Center inspires and informs over 110,000 visitors each year of the rich history and heritage of the United States Navy.


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Gallery Deck

Begin your visit on the Gallery Deckhome to several permanent exhibits including,
Welcome Aboarda multimedia welcome and orientation about the Navy Memorial and iconic Lone Sailor statue.


 America's Navy, the Navy’s universal message told through video, digital content, and touch screens displaying current video of Navy missions and maps of deployments, developed in partnership with the Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) and Chief of Navy Information (CHINFO). 


Navy After 9/11 highlights stories and significant changes in the modern American Global War On Terror (GWOT) through the lens of the United States Navy. Experience the sounds and view videos of post 9/11 naval operations, get a close up view of uniforms and objects from Special Warfare, Aviation, Expeditionary Warfare, and Surface Warfare and models of contemporary United States Navy ships.


Also see our two new exhibits.  The American Sailor: Agile, Capable, and Talented tells the story of the birth of the United States Navy and explores how individuals have defended the country at sea and provided U.S. military services wherever the seas extend over time.  Through the use of artifacts, and photographs, experience how life of the American Sailor has gone from a generally trained colonial seaman to the highly trained and professional missile launching cyber minded sailor of today.


Zumwalt: The Current that Brought the Navy to the Shores of the 20th Century chronicles the life and legacy of one of the Navy’s most prolific Chief of Naval Operations (CNO).  Oral histories, personal keepsakes, family artifacts and first-hand written accounts of Zumwalt’ s life as CNO, leader, father, husband, and true American provide visitors with a greater appreciation and an enjoyable understanding of a man we’ve come to truly honor, recognize and celebrate.


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Delbert D. Black National Chief's Mess

The Visitor Center is also home to the Delbert D. Black National Chief's Mess - a brand new exhibit space that honors the Navy's Chief Petty Officer (CPO).  We hope this evocative new space will not only inform the public of the special role the CPO plays in the Navy but also act as a special meeting place for CPOs and CPO selectees worldwide. 

Arleigh & Roberta Burke Theater

The Burke Theater seats 240 people and is one of a few theaters in Washington that may boast state-of-the-art audio visual capabilities making it the perfect spot for Hollywood film screenings.  Each day the theater screens the Discovery Channel's At Sea.


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Navy Log Room

Stop by the Navy Log Room to search for or register yourself, a fellow shipmate or loved one. The Navy Log is the nation's largest publicly available archive of Sea Service personnel. Established as a tribute to those who have served and a permanent repository of stories of Service. The Log covers the entire history of the Navy from 1775 to present and tells the story of our Sea Service veterans, preserving naval heritage for generations to come.



Ship's Store

Don't leave without visiting the Ship's Store located on the Gallery Deck.  The Ship's Store sells Navy and Navy Memorial branded apparel, mugs, challenge coins and our best seller, the Lone Sailor statue.



Questions? Contact Robert Parker at rparker@navymemorial.org or (202) 380.0723